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novembre 8, 2019


A first version had been deployed online and had been tested with a group of selected users.

The understanding of the user feedback and the UX audit of the existing platform allowed us to identify areas of improvement for the product.

At the same time, understanding the project context, the market, the competition and the issues at stake is essential to identify the problems.


Improve a web platform dedicated to Crédit Agricole's customers to guide and educate them on their wealth independently, in anticipation of a potential meeting with a bank advisor. Increase understanding, pedagogy and ease of use. Guarantee a delivery within the initial timeframe.

  • Strategy

    Julie Maillol, Etienne Bouron

  • Design

    Steven ING

  • Client

    Crédit Agricole

  • Lead UX

    Benoit Mirobent

UX Research
House Hucha aniamtion
real estate flow
Trajectoire Patrimoine SCREEN 3
UX Research
Before After
Mobile 11
Mobile 33
Mobile 22

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