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décembre 1, 2019


Created by Atelier LOUIS ZERO, Shake my Firm was first created as a totally disruptive 48-hour learning experience at the Bellevilloise in Paris. The idea : to imagine a moment which is a gas pedal of transformation of the individuals, so that they are then able to transform their company from the inside.


Create a web platform that offers to each employees a simplified access to the best training related to the digital and managerial transformation.

  • Strategy

    Brand, UX Strategy

  • Design

    Art Direction, UI Design

  • Client


UX Research
full screnn
SMF Icônes
UX Research
UX Research

33 Trucs, The microlearning channel by Louiszero

The ShakeMyFirm project has also evolved into a second entity offering training but in a Microlearning format, 33Trucs. A series of videos animated by the professor Youri Gargarrisme, a channel where we talk about UX/UI design and many others things.

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