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mars 14, 2020

KLS Full project

KLS develops a suite of digital tools for the financing industry. The platform’s mission is to digitalize the multi-partner financing processes and to simplify the daily life of these professions.

  • Strategy

    Etienne Bouron, Julie Maillol, Julien Nicolas

  • Design

    Benoit Mirobent, Steven ING

  • Client

    La Fabrik

  • Tools

    Figma, Miro

UX Research

KLS Platform


"How to digitize a complex banking process and make it a standard adopted by the entire market?

The life of a credit in investment banking is divided into two parts.

The first part concerns the formation of a group of lending banks in response to a company’s borrowing request. These banks come together to finance the borrower’s project and share the risks and rewards of the credit – this is known as a syndicated loan and a syndication phase. Once granted, this credit is managed until its term by a credit agent. This long-term management is called agency.

The KLS project aimed to digitize the management of an investment banking credit by linking these two major stages in a platform.


Identification of goals, constraints, and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

A workshop to identify goals, constraints, and consolidate KPIs is organized at the beginning of each of our projects. It is vital to get everyone on the same page and start the project with the sharpest understanding of the context, weak signals, and major structuring market trends.

UX Research

UX Research

A remote user research (Covid-19)

We conducted a Blueprint workshop to overhaul the complex process of managing a long-term syndicated loan. We also compared this blueprint with agents from Crédit Agricole.

Like the majority of French people, we had to change our working methods by conducting remote workshops through tools such as Miro or Figma, led by research lead Etienne Bouron. We conducted various user tests, a series of user interviews, card sorting and Job Stories workshops, as well as directed storytelling workshops.

UX Research
UX Research

Ideation and Conception

We have rebrand a whole new design system

The key to our success has been the development and implementation of a design system, which has allowed us to maintain consistency throughout the product and create a clear communication base between the design team and developers. This design system has been enriched over time with new modules and elements.

UX Research
Design System 2
Design System
KLS Kanban - notification 1 réponse
Covenants - tous les covenants à partager
Covenants - détail covenant - périodes antérieures
Calendrier-vue mois
Screen 6
Waiver - gestion waivers - suivi des votes
Screen 4
Data room - Répertoire partagé avec le pool bancaire principal

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