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novembre 18, 2022

Immortal Game

Immortal Game is the first ever free-to-play and play-and-earn version of chess with a built-in earning mechanism, and our mission is simple – provide existing chess players with the most nuanced and variable experience available coupled with financial rewards for their skills, while simultaneously introducing the game to an entirely new audience of investors and DeFi / GameFi enthusiasts.
So, what’s the twist?
Open Project

Art Direction, 3D Design

UX Research

Allow me to introduce Immortals

Immortals are stylish NFTs that represent specific chess pieces, of which between one and four can be strategically placed among a player’s standard setup before the match begins. Their introduction unlocks an entirely new level of engagement and excitement as each Immortal is linked to a quest.

The Immortals themselves are broken down into various aesthetic styles, known as Elements. There are currently four Elements which consist of MarbleEbony, Ivory, and SteelEach Immortal has a specific purity: Rough, Polished, Piece of Art, Masterpiece.

ivory 1
metal 1

Web Platform and App

From conception to execution, the art direction of our web platform was a meticulous dance between aesthetics and intellect. Distilling the essence of each game mode into iconic symbols was a creative enigma. Our art direction tried to convey this feeling with simple forms, humour and a pinch of green, our primary color
Frame 5692
Group 5704
APp frame 1
Desktop Frame 1
Desktop Frame 2
Desktop Frame 3
UX Research
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